In 1999, This Oregon Mother Mysteriously Vanished And Never Showed Up To Pick Up Her Daughter: Later, Her Car Was Found At Home With The Keys Still In The Ignition, And Her Husband Only Ever Reported A Gun Missing From The House

Facebook - pictured above is Teresa

In 1999, Teresa Davidson-Murphy lived with one of her daughters, Jessica, and her second husband, Richard, in Ranier, Oregon.

At the time, the 34-year-old had recently moved there from Puyallup. But, this move was something that Teresa reportedly came to regret.

Aside from leaving her job and her home behind, Teresa’s relatives recalled how she had begun to realize some of her husband’s more unfavorable qualities.

In October of that year, though, everything changed. Teresa disappeared, and her husband has remained silent ever since.

It all began on October 7, 1999, when Teresa was last seen by her daughter Jessica. That day, the 34-year-old dropped her daughter off at a family member’s home for a stay that was supposed to last three days.

Teresa’s husband Richard claimed that on the same day, he had also headed out to go camping at the Olympic National Forest in Washington.

Two days later, on October 9, Teresa did speak with her daughter. However, Jessica revealed how her mom just did not sound like herself.

And the following day, October 10, the 34-year-old was supposed to pick her daughter up from the extended sleepover. Strangely, though, Teresa never arrived.

Instead, it actually took almost one full week for Jessica to get in touch with her mother’s husband, Richard, in order to get a ride home.

Facebook – pictured above is Teresa

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