She Had A 4.0 GPA, Yet Got Rejected From All Of The Top Colleges She Applied To, So She Opened Up About Feeling Like A Failure

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Students in their final year of high school have a lot on their plates when it comes to college applications.

They need to write the perfect college essay, have impeccable grades, and show just how well-rounded they are through various after-school activities.

After putting in all that effort and enduring months of waiting to see if they got into their dream school, it can be extremely disheartening for hard-working students to be met with a rejection letter.

It is not a rare occurrence for a student who has done everything right to be passed over for admission by their top-choice universities.

Colleges are becoming increasingly competitive, so applicants must do even more to stand out from the crowd.

It’s hard not to feel crushed by that rejection, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough to get into your school of choice.

A TikTok creator and high school senior named Sarah (@exexextentacitittez) shared her frustration after being rejected from all the universities she applied to in California.

She was denied admission from UC Riverside, UC San Diego, Cal State Long Beach, and UC Irvine and was waitlisted at Cal State Fullerton.

“My heart is completely broken. 14 years of school to be rejected from every college. ‘Gifted student’ doesn’t mean (anything),” she wrote in the caption of her video.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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