She Invited Her Friend And Her Friend’s Kids To Come Live With Her, But Since They Aren’t Respecting Her Food Allergies, She’s Thinking It Might Be Time To Ask Them To Leave

“The last few weeks, I’ve started getting sick again, with extreme fatigue, feeling awful, not sleeping properly, and heart palpitations,” she explained.

“It’s starting to affect my mental health a lot. I think this weekend, I just had enough; I kept falling asleep during the day for the last couple of weeks.”

She’s begun arriving late to work because she needs to sleep in. She’s had multiple breakdowns over how awful she feels, and it’s like she’s reliving the trauma with her husband all over again. As a mother, she can’t continue to live like this if she wants to care for her children properly.

Her friend has only given her half-hearted apologies and claims she doesn’t bring home anything with nuts. Her friend said if there are nuts around, they must be from the food her ex-husband sends her kids home with. However, she’s witnessed her friend cooking and preparing meals with those dangerous ingredients before, and she’s often been left to clean the contaminated dishes.

She’s so fed up that she is ready to kick her friend out of her house, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to leave a mom of two with few options for where to live. They live in a nice area with high rent, and she doesn’t want her friend to struggle to make ends meet.

“I do love her and her kids, but I know if I continue on like this, there won’t be a friendship left,” she added.

Should she make her friend and her kids move out of her house?

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