She Shared A Video Of Her 4th Grader Begging Her For Mascara And Saying All The Girls Her Age Wear It

Sviatoslav Kovtun - - illustrative purposes only

When I was in elementary school, the last thing on my mind was wearing makeup. I was more concerned with obtaining the newest Silly Bandz and playing hide and seek with my little brother. I genuinely had zero understanding of how makeup items like eyeliner and bronzer worked.

But times have changed since then, and nowadays, young girls barely in their preteens are coating their faces with cosmetic products and even dabbling in skincare routines.

TikToker Nisha Noelle (@nishanoelle) posted a video of her nine-year-old daughter holding a tube of mascara and pleading with Nisha to buy it for her.

Nisha’s daughter, Britain, claimed that all the girls in fourth-grade wear mascara. However, Nisha gently told Britain that she already had beautiful natural lashes; therefore, she didn’t need mascara.

Several TikTok users suggested some alternatives Britain could try besides the traditional black mascara. And others opined that fourth graders were too young to wear makeup.

“Maybe try a clear mascara,” recommended one user.

“Curl + clear mascara gives the same effects,” chimed in another.

“Too young!! I was 14 when I first wore mascara; makeup at a young age isn’t good,” commented a third.

“Nahhh, in fourth grade, I was still begging for a Barbie dream house,” wrote someone else.

Sviatoslav Kovtun – – illustrative purposes only

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