She’s Been Hiding The Treats She Bakes Since Her Husband Always Eats Them, But Now That He Knows Her Secret, He’s Angry

primipil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever tried going on a diet and knew that if there were any kind of sweets hiding in your cabinets, you’d end up eating them?

One woman’s husband wanted to start eating better, so she hid any desserts she made in their kitchen so he wouldn’t eat them. When he found out she was safeguarding treats, he became very agitated. 

She’s 27 and has been with her 26-year-old husband for four years. Their lives have been hectic lately as they’re new parents. She loves to cook and bake sweet treats, so during the chaos of the recent pandemic lockdowns, she and her husband kept indulging and put on some weight.

She usually makes desserts two to three times a month, and her husband started realizing he wasn’t going to be able to lose any weight until she stopped.

“In the past year, my husband started to slightly complain about it because he keeps saying he wants to lose a few pounds, and my desserts are too good to resist,” she explained.

“The two last times I made some, he said that I should stop making desserts.”

For a while, her husband thought she had stopped baking completely, but she didn’t.

She kept secretly baking, bringing half the dessert stash to her grandmother’s and hiding the rest in the house.

Then, she’d finish her desserts herself throughout the week so that her husband wouldn’t find the evidence. She did this about four times without him noticing. 

primipil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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