She’s Sharing Some Notes She Found On Her Dad’s iPad About Her Rebellious Phase In Middle School

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There’s no rulebook on how to parent, so sometimes you have to make up your own. And that’s pretty much what one dad did when he jotted down some guidelines on how to have a serious talk with his daughter.

TikToker Ally (@alexandraarosee) is sharing some notes she found on her dad’s iPad about her rebellious phase in middle school.

“I literally used to get in so much trouble…my crazy years were 12-19,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Her dad had organized an entire speech detailing what he wanted to say to Ally about her behavior. At the top of the notes was a list of questions he meant to ask Ally about what kind of legacy she wanted to leave one day.

Did she want people to think of her as a good person? Or did she want them to have sour memories of her? He wanted her to reflect on how her actions came across to her friends, teachers, or other parents.

Underneath the list, he wrote about how Ally didn’t seem to be open to going to her own parents for support.

He also questioned what was preventing her from sharing her thoughts and feelings.

Since Ally’s mom and dad didn’t know what was going on in her life, they were forced to go through her communications.

At the end of the outline of notes, he added a section titled “punishment.” For the consequences of her actions, Ally needed to turn in her electronics every night at 9 PM. In addition, she was required to issue an apology to her friends, Julia and Haley.

Someone asked Ally if she ever ended up apologizing to Julia and Haley. In a comment, Ally revealed that her mother dragged her to both of their houses and apologized to them while standing on their front lawns.

Stock Rocket – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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