This Doctor Is Explaining The Cosmetic Procedures That She Believes Are Actually Worth Your Money

She also mentions that people with darker skin tones need to be careful about who they work with when getting this type of procedure done.

Otherwise, they could run the risk of actually getting more hyperpigmentation and, in some cases, even burns. Finally, we have prescription-strength retinol.

It’s technically not a cosmetic procedure, but when used in combination with things like chemical peels and lasers, it can help make your skin look healthier than ever. As a result, acne, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles will all be issues of the past.

Would you consider doing any of these procedures?


Replying to @Edu Procedures that are worth every penny! These are procedures that I would personally spend my hard earned cash on. #profhilo #botox #chemicalpeel #skincare #retinol #differingel #laserfacial #beautytok #skincarerecommendations #cosmeticprocedures

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