This Mom Is Explaining The Birthday Tradition She Started For Her Daughter Called “The Bag Of No”

fotoskaz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Finding the perfect gift for your child on their birthday is no simple feat. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of pressure on parents to seek out the exact toy or gadget that’s on their wish list.

And if you get your kid the wrong item or something they didn’t ask for, they might get upset. No one wants to see a child unhappy on their special day.

If you’re searching for a foolproof way never to mess up your child’s birthday gift again, look no further. Here’s a hack that will save you time and time again.

TikTok creator Jenny Cimato (@jencimato) is sharing a birthday tradition she started when her daughter was knee-high, and it’s called “the bag of no.”

The idea was born after the mom experienced her daughter constantly asking for stuff at the checkout line whenever they went to the store.

Jenny always said no because usually, what her daughter was begging for happened to be candy and other junk foods. So Jenny would take note of what her daughter wanted but couldn’t get at the moment.

And on her daughter’s birthday, Jenny would purchase those items and put them in the bag of no, which she presents to her daughter every year.

“It kind of took that sting away from when you say no in the grocery store when they’re little. And even though she’s turning sixteen this year and doesn’t ask for things at the checkout line much anymore, she still checked in and was like, ‘the bag of no is still coming, right?'” said Jenny.

Toward the end of the video, Jenny shows off what kind of gifts she includes in the bag of no. There are various types of candy and snacks, such as Cheez-Its, Fruit Roll-ups, Reese’s Pieces, and chewing gum.

fotoskaz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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