Add Some Intrigue To Your Deck This Year By Making A Mini Pond In A Container

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If you don’t have a body of water in your vicinity to explore, make a miniature pond in a container that you can keep on your deck or balcony.

Even the smallest pond offers a wealth of wildlife activity that doesn’t happen on land. By creating this small-scale oasis, you will be providing a home for creatures that struggle to seek out a suitable habitat to thrive in. Plus, it adds appeal to your outdoor space.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get a container pond set up. It’s relatively low-maintenance, and there is no digging necessary, so you don’t really have to get your hands too dirty.

First, you’ll need to choose the right spot for your container. Your pond will want some sunlight, but not too much of it.

Make sure it receives partial sunlight for at least six hours a day. The morning sun is less harsh on your pond. A small body of water can overheat easily in full sun.

Next, grab a watertight container. Galvanized tubs, large plant pots, barrels, or buckets will work. Once you have your vessel, place a layer of gravel and rocks in it.

Add logs and larger rocks to give your pond depth and places for creatures to rest on. You can also arrange bricks and stones in the container to raise plants to your preferred height.

After completing the setup of the pond to your liking, fill the container with rainwater. If you want to use tap water, test the water first for chemicals that might harm wildlife.

Now, you can start planting! Water lilies, starwort, and flowering rush are great for container ponds. In the days to come, observe your pond and watch wildlife gather.

stnazkul – – illustrative purposes only

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