Are You Friends With A Female Narcissist? Here Are Some Dead Giveaways

A female narcissist might eventually use your openness about both your strengths and weaknesses against you. These are her fuel to ensure she can upstage you or put you down in a variety of situations.

During one-on-one conversations, the female narcissist might start to joke about, mock, or slyly insult your personality, appearance, triumphs, and challenges. This may also happen in social groups in front of other people.

This behavior ties back to envy. Essentially, the female narcissist was envious of you and viewed you as a (false) threat. So, she needed to gather enough ammo to shame and hypercriticize you to make herself feel better.


Have you ever known someone who adopted the traits of whoever they were around at the time? This is also sometimes true for female narcissists.

While getting to know you, a female narcissist will observe everything– from your appearance and mannerisms to hobbies, interests, and ideas. Then, in the midst of criticizing aspects of your identity, she may start to adopt certain traits for herself.

If the female narcissist realizes what parts of your personality are beneficial– from gaining you new friends to helping you climb the corporate ladder at work– she will take them for herself, too, regardless of how inauthentic they are to her own true persona.

Then, the female narcissist will use these traits when presenting herself to the world in an attempt to gain more praise, attention, and appreciation– just like you do.

“Pick Me” Rage

Whenever a female narcissist is not the center of attention, things tend to go downhill fast.

Unknowingly becoming friends with her means that you have entered a cutthroat competition that you didn’t even know you signed up for.

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