If You’re Looking For An Adaptable And Easy To Grow Plant To Add To Your Home, Check Out A Spider Plant

Olga Zarytska - - illustrative purposes only

As one of the most favored houseplants, spider plants are loved by many. And for good reason. Spider plants are native to areas of South Africa and are considered the most adaptable and easy to grow.

I always thought that the spider plant got its name due to its long, skinny, hanging leaves that resemble a bunch of spindly spider legs.

The name actually comes from the offsets or baby plants, the original plant forms, which look like tiny spiders suspended from silken threads.

Put your spider plant in a hanging basket or place it on a sunny windowsill to liven up your home. Aside from looking attractive, spider plants have several other benefits. If you don’t already own one, here are some reasons you need to get one immediately.

Spider Plants Are Hard To Kill

A spider plant is one of those houseplants that can pretty much grow itself. Even when you have neglected it for days, it will continue thriving, looking green and luscious.

You still need to water it occasionally, though. Spider plants are also tolerant to all kinds of lighting conditions, but medium to bright light is where it grows the best.

Safer For Pets

The spider plant is not toxic to pets. But it is still advised to keep your cats and dogs from ingesting the leaves, which may give animals upset stomachs or induce vomiting.

Olga Zarytska – – illustrative purposes only

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