She Used To Work In A Senior Living Facility, And One Night When She Was Alone, One Of The Creepy Residents Tried To Block Her In The Bathroom

“I leave my desk and go to the pool room,” she said. “I’m thinking, okay, I’m just going to wait him out. It should be about, like, 15 minutes– he’ll come in, he’ll sit down, take his little break that he needs to take, and then make his way upstairs to his room.” 

If only it had been that easy for her. Things didn’t go according to her plan.

“I wait like ten, fifteen minutes, and then I’m like, okay, it should be good,” she said. I open the door…and he is literally standing right there outside the bathroom door. He doesn’t say a single word, and he’s just peering down at me.”

Not only was she terrified to have this creepy man standing outside the bathroom door, but he also wouldn’t allow her to move. It was like something straight out of a horror film– especially since she was alone because all the other staff had left for the day.

“He’s blocking the whole doorway,” she said. “Like I could not get by if I wanted to…I felt like he was thinking about doing something and trying to see if he could get away with it.”

She’s brave enough to push on ahead with getting back to work, so she tries to get around Ted in the doorway.

“I’m just like, ‘excuse me, Ted,’ and he inches slowly, like, away from the door, but, like, kind of sideways so that I could pass by–but only the tiniest bit so that my body would have to, like, press against his slowly to get through,” she said.

She was safe in the end and got back to her desk, as her yelling at him to move out of the doorway finally worked. Still, it’s a terrifying situation to be in, especially when you’re alone in a large facility like that.

So, just be sure to have a safety system in place in case you ever get stuck with a creep like Ted.

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