She’s Talking About The Five Things She Wished She Knew Earlier In Her Twenties

Another thing Audrey wished she had done was to be more mindful of sun exposure. In the past, she used to lay in the sun with the intention of getting fried so that she could get a tan. But now, she has sun spots dotting her entire body. So protect your skin from the sun–your future self will thank you!

The third thing she wished she had done was to love herself sooner. She spent too many years thinking she wasn’t pretty or good enough. She constantly criticized and picked on herself, leading to a lot of anger.

And she wound up projecting that anger onto every relationship she had. On top of the anger, she also experienced depression, anxiety, guilt, and shame. But now, she has learned that the only relationship that truly matters is your relationship with yourself, so it’s essential to nurture it.

The fourth thing she wished she had done earlier in life was to trust her gut. Before, she would always follow other people instead of her own intuition, which led her down some wrong paths. This led to quite a bit of unhappiness.

“I told myself time after time I wasn’t intuitive when in reality, I’m actually very intuitive. I just wasn’t listening to my intuition or trusting my gut because of this fear of change,” said Audrey.

She elaborated that she was too busy clinging to familiarity rather than taking the leap into the unknown. And finally, Audrey wishes she had stopped using perfectionism to mask her insecurities. Audrey believes that perfectionism is really just your ego trying to protect you from being judged by others.

Listen to the voice inside your head that empowers you, not the one telling you that you’re not good enough. You are worthy just the way you are.


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