This Bernese Mountain Dog Was Living Her Best Life On A Recent Hike With Her Owner When She Decided To Literally Lay Down In The Mud

As adorable as it was to watch Ivy happily roll around in the mud, Ryan had one question on his mind: how was he going to get his dog home?

“When you immediately regret only bringing one towel on the hike,” write Ryan in the caption of his video.

Most TikTok viewers were shocked at how dirty Ivy got in the mud, and many expressed gratitude toward Ryan for letting her do her thing instead of intervening.

“Love that you were such a good sport about it, letting her live,” commented one TikTok user.

Ryan responded, saying, “Gotta let dogs be dogs sometimes.”

Although Ryan didn’t share what his car looked like after Ivy’s mud bath, he wrote in the comments that he took her straight to a self-service dog wash before heading home!

Isn’t it great to just let dogs be dogs?


When you immediately regret only bringing one towel on the hike…bernesemountaindog sendhelp fail

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