She Felt Ignored While Out To Dinner With Her Boyfriend And His Sister, But Then Her Boyfriend Got Mad At Her For Not Eating The Appetizer He Ordered

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Family dinners are one of the worst events to have an awkward moment during. It’s one of those settings where you feel trapped, and can be a total hit or miss.

One woman recently felt ignored during dinner with her boyfriend and his sister. Then, he got mad at her for not eating the appetizer he ordered because she didn’t like it.

She’s 27 years old and has a 29-year-old boyfriend. He has a 25-year-old sister who recently moved to their neighborhood, so they all decided to get dinner to celebrate.

However, she’s never been a big fan of being around her boyfriend with his family.

“I’m going to be upfront, I really struggle when he is around his mom and his sister,” she explained.

“He seems to forget about me whenever they are here, and I was hoping I would connect with his sister tonight, but after what happened, it got awkward.”

They decided to eat at a steakhouse and quickly talked about what food they wanted to order. She thought they wouldn’t be getting an appetizer, so she focused on what she wanted for her entree.

She was relieved they spoke about food for the first few minutes of the evening since it was a relatively easy conversation.

But, when the waiter came over, her boyfriend took control of the situation and ordered appetizers unexpectedly. He ordered guacamole and chips for the table before she could process what was happening and speak up.

elnariz- illustrative purposes only

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