She Admitted That She Didn’t Like Her Best Friend’s Wedding, And She Was The Maid Of Honor

They did not want to get married in a church or even have a proper ceremony. Instead, they just decided to sign the papers and have a garden party with some of the most important people in their life– with no alcohol, no dress code, and no late partying.

Ever since she filled her best friend in on her wedding plan, though, she has encountered a ton of pushback.

Her best friend keeps pointing out how she will only have her “big day” once and claims that a bunch of people will be disappointed if they are not invited to her nuptials.

“Think about how important this is going to be for your parents!” her best friend added.

However, she just started to feel like her best friend was just getting offended over the fact that she did not ask for help planning a bachelorette party or picking out any activities or anything.

So, she wound up saying her best friend was welcome to help out with the food but that nothing else was needed beyond that.

Anyway, some time passed by after that. And eventually, her best friend approached her about her wedding again. But this time, her friend claimed that their wedding was so much fun and asked why she did not want the same time for herself.

At that point, she decided to finally come clean and tell the truth about how she felt at her best friend’s wedding.

“I answered that as beautiful as their wedding was, it just was not for me, and I did not like it since the whole thing severely stressed me out, confronted my biggest fears, and was overall just super difficult for me,” she revealed.

Unfortunately, her best friend still did not understand her perspective and wound up just getting upset with her. Then, her friend left and has not spoken to her ever since.

One of her mutual friends has since reached out about the situation, though, and asked her why she even agreed to be her friend’s maid of honor in the first place if she knew she was going to hate the process.

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