Her Sister Would Constantly Make Fun Of Her Mental Health Issues As A Teen, So She Doesn’t Want To Attend Her Wedding, But Her Parents Are Still Pressuring Her To Go Anyway

elenaseiryk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While it’s incredibly sad, sometimes, for one reason or another, siblings simply don’t get along and don’t carry on a relationship once they’re grown up.

One woman is refusing to attend her sister’s wedding as they were never close, and her sister would make fun of her mental health issues growing up. However, her parents are pressuring her to go.

She’s 21 and has a 23-year-old sister she’s struggled to get along with for years. They were never close as little kids, but things turned nasty when they entered middle school.

“I was mentally ill and struggled a lot through my preteen [years] and my teens,” she said.

“My sister was highly embarrassed by me and used to tell people we weren’t sisters, [which is] something she still does on occasion, depending on the people she’s talking to. She even got into trouble with one of her teachers in high school because the teacher was a family friend and knew us, so she knew we were related [even though] my sister outright denied we were sisters to the class.”

Her sister has called her horrible things through the years, like a “miserable freak” and “psycho girl.” Eventually, her parents told her sister to go to family therapy with her, but unfortunately, it wasn’t helpful.

When the therapist told her sister that her anxiety and depression gave her intrusive thoughts, her sister later told her to “listen” to those intrusive thoughts.

While she acknowledges that her sister’s dislike for her could be because of the medical attention she received for her mental health issues, she doesn’t think that’s entirely the reason why their relationship is like this.

“[Our parents] ignored me a lot because my sister was always the one who shined and was popular,” she explained.

elenaseiryk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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