She Told Her Parents She’s Ashamed Of Them For Trying To Cause A Scene At Her Stepdaughter’s Wedding Just Because Her Stepdaughter Didn’t Call Her “Mom” During A Reception Speech

myskina6 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Stepparent and stepchild relationships can be complicated. Sometimes, a child never wants to consider their stepparent an actual parent. However, a beautiful family relationship can still form if the stepparent is open and accepting of their decision. 

One woman, who is close with her stepdaughter, is appalled at her parents, who made a scene at her stepdaughter’s wedding after getting angry that she didn’t refer to her as her parent in her reception speech. 

Her husband, James, used to be married to a woman named Liz. Together, they have a daughter named Eloise. Unfortunately, Liz passed away when Eloise was only five years old. Three years later, she met James, and they fell in love.

James waited until they had been dating for over a year to introduce her to Eloise, and things were initially rocky. Eloise was scared by the idea of her dad dating someone else and didn’t want anyone to take her mom’s place.

After attending some family therapy sessions together, she grew closer to Eloise and gave their relationship a fresh start.

“We talked through a lot, [including] what I wanted from our relationship and what she was okay with,” she explained.

“I told her if I could be her friend, it would be the hugest honor. If she could accept me into her family, not as her mom but as a member of her family, it would be another honor. Eloise and I became close around the time James and I got married. She was very excited to give her dad away and even hugged me after I joined them at the altar. Our relationship became that of a trusted family member that is more like a friend.”

While she would love for Eloise to see her as her mother or refer to her as her mother, she realized that’s not what she wanted and respected her choice. Now, she feels very comfortable with her role in Eloise’s life and cherishes their bond.

Eloise is now grown up and got married recently. Many relatives were there, including her parents. Everything was going great until Eloise made a speech during the reception.

myskina6 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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