She Upgraded Herself And Her Three Siblings To VIP Status For Their All-Inclusive Group Vacation But Didn’t Include Her Younger Sister, Who Is Now Excluded From All The Activities

So, at that point, she called her younger sister and told her sister to put in a bid as well.

“And because it was expensive, I offered to pay for half of my sister’s upgrade,” she added.

That was two days ago, though, and unfortunately, her sister’s bid was never accepted. They wound up calling the resort to check on it, too and found out that all of the upgrades had been booked.

So now, her sister’s room level is officially three status grades below theirs. Her sister also has a separate dining area and separate amenities and will not even be allowed into the VIP lounges with her and the rest of her siblings.

“And we’ve tried to think of ways to sneak her into our lounges and restaurants, but my sister is acting like we left her behind and has become mopey and sad,” she explained.

For instance, her younger sister keeps making sarcastic remarks about being alone in the “poor person section.” Due to that, she and her siblings are starting to feel pretty guilty. The whole vacation was actually her younger sister’s idea in the first place, too. Still, she doesn’t have much sympathy.

“I don’t think it’s anyone’s problem but her own if my sister didn’t get the upgrade like the rest of us,” she vented.

Nonetheless, she is now nervous that her sister not getting the upgrade is going to “ruin” their vacation. So, she’s been left wondering whether not upgrading her sister to a suite along with her and the rest of her siblings was a jerky thing to do.

Why do you think she didn’t just call her sister at the time she placed a bid to make sure everyone was on the same page? How do you think her sister feels right now? If you were in her shoes, would you downgrade back to the original package or at least make sure you did activities that could include all siblings? How else can she navigate this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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