She’s Discussing Why Being Around People Might Be Draining For You, And It’s Not Just Because You Might Be An Introvert

It makes it easier to just enjoy being with people instead of wondering the whole time what they’re thinking about you.

Another thing that can help is to have self-compassion. Having a dysregulated nervous system isn’t your fault.

Let yourself rest and show yourself some kindness, especially after an extended period of time socializing. Honor the fact that you need to pause and take some time alone instead of resenting it.

Healing your nervous system will take plenty of time and effort, but when you put in the work, you will find that you are able to enjoy yourself more around people!


I get exhausted if I don’t have enough alone time. Once you understand what is happening (your nervous system is getting dysregulated) you can learn the tools to heal. #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #nervoussystemhealing #neurodrills #peoplepleasers #fawning

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