She’s Telling You To Stop Bashing Morning Routines Because They Can Genuinely Change Your Life

Natasha also likes to take cold showers in the mornings. The exposure to the cold helps to gradually release three hours of healthy dopamine.

Lastly, she recommends getting some sun on your skin. Go for a walk or turn on all the lights in your home. Seeing sunlight within the first hour of waking helps set your circadian rhythms.

Early mornings may not be for everybody. But if you want to make a change to your life, try rising before the dawn!


I PROMISE YOU… i used to not be able to get out of bed. Debilitated. Obviously there’s many moving parts to healing but give low dopamine a try! We all need it in this world tbh. #lowdopamine #morningroutines #morningroutine #health #healing #vlogs

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