She’s Friends With A Girl Who Used To Bully Her In High School, And Every Time She Brings That Up, It Really Upsets Her Friend

chagin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Are you friends with someone you once disliked or had a rocky relationship with years ago? It happens here and there, where you reconcile with someone you used to not get along with very well. 

One teenager is friends with a girl who used to say mean things to her years ago. Although they’ve made up, she’s been upsetting her friend by continually bringing up their rough past. 

She and her friend Kate are both 19 years old and met during their freshman year of high school. However, back then, she did not like Kate. 

Although they identified as “friends” freshman year, Kate often teased her with other girls from their class. For instance, when they found out she had dyslexia, Kate and other girls would call her ‘stupid’ in Spanish, thinking she didn’t know what the word meant. But she did.

“I never comforted her about this and just tried to ignore it, but it did bother me,” she recalled.

“Once that class ended, I didn’t talk to her until 11th grade, when we ended up becoming good friends. I told her how I could understand her the whole time when she made fun of me, and she apologized profusely.”

Kate explained that when she made fun of her a few years back, it was because she was really insecure. However, things got a lot better between them over the years, and they stayed close. 

However, she occasionally brought up what Kate used to do to her. In a joking context, she’d bring up how she and Kate used to dislike each other years ago.

Kate has pulled her aside to ask her not to bring it up anymore since it makes her feel bad, and she still feels guilty. 

chagin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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