Taylor Swift Ended Up Defending A Fan From A Security Guard That Got Aggressive At One Of Her Shows

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Taylor Swift fans have been having an absolute blast on her highly anticipated Eras tour, where she’s been pleasing fans with live renditions of songs from each one of her albums.

Swifties had to go through a lot to get to the Eras tour, many of them dealing with major ticket sale issues from Ticketmaster and third parties.

Once they get there, however, fans have been having magical evenings, dancing around in fun outfits and making memories.

One group of fans, however, ended up having to deal with an aggressive security guard who would not leave them alone at one of her shows in Philadelphia. The altercations got so bad that Taylor herself had to step in to fix things.

Taylor Swift fans were in a frenzy on the internet after her second concert at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on May 13th when she started yelling at someone in the middle of her song, “Bad Blood.”

Videos showed Taylor yelling, “She wasn’t doing anything!” and “Hey, stop!” at someone on the floor mid-performance.

While a few confused fans thought Taylor’s dialogue may have been part of her performance, it turned out she was yelling at a security guard who was harassing some of her fans on the floor.

Fans took to the internet to search for the fan who was dealing with the security guard to get the details, as this type of altercation doesn’t typically happen at Taylor’s shows.

Eventually, TikTok user Caitlin Gabell (@caityg33) filmed and posted a video of her friend, third-grade teacher Kelly Kelly, who explained what had happened to her friend group that night.

wittybear – – illustrative purposes only

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