Want To Leave A Lasting Impression Following A Job Interview? Here’s How To Write A Killer “Thank You” Email

Either way, this “call out” should be a hook that helps the interviewer remember your conversation and shows you were invested in the process.

Afterward, you should express your interest in the job opportunity one more time before offering to answer any additional follow-up questions.

As you navigate the interview process, it is important to remember that the writing of a stellar “thank you” email really begins right during the actual interview. You should be on the lookout for any keywords, facts, insights, or metrics that really resonate with you.

By mindfully working to “gather material” during an interview, you will have a ton to work with while writing your “thank you” email. And don’t be afraid to jot down these takeaways, too.

What Not To Include In A Thank You Email

Now, what not to include is equally (if not more important) than what you should include in a “thank you” email.

And one of the biggest mistakes applicants make is adding too much detail to their follow-up message. Keep in mind that the root point of your message is simply to say thank you and call out perhaps one takeaway from your conversation.

It is not the time or place to try and start another discussion or even attempt to keep the interview going.

At the same token, don’t request anything from the interviewer, either. Remember that they are likely swamped with interviewing other candidates and just do not have the time. Plus, you want to show that you are straightforward and easy to work with– not that you will create more work for the team.

Finally, be sure to double or even triple-check your “thank you” email for any typos. Written communication skills are extremely valuable, and you don’t want to leave a grammatically incorrect lasting impression.

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