He Can Completely Afford To Take His Wife On Expensive Vacations, But He Never Does Because She Just Ruins Them By Complaining To No End

marcink3333 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man says that he can completely afford to take his wife on expensive vacations, but he just never does this because she is a real pain in his backside when he does take her on vacation.

He has taken his wife on several trips that he thinks have been absolutely incredible, but she wound up ruining every single one with her constant complaining.

This has only led to him feeling like he should just give up. So, he does one of two things; he allows his wife to pick their vacation plans and provides no comment, or he plans a vacation that’s just really local.

For instance, he will buy VIP concert tickets for himself and his wife and then will arrange for them to stay at a fancy hotel in the middle of their city so they can have an exciting night out.

“When she plans our vacations, they are pretty basic,” he explained. “She planned a trip to Hawaii. Which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

“But we didn’t do anything great. I would have planned a helicopter trip to see all the volcanoes and jungles from the movies. We mostly stayed in Honolulu and saw Pearl Harbor.”

“I honestly didn’t realize it, but it has been five years since I took my wife somewhere I would consider amazing. That was a two-week trip to Iceland.”

His wife quite recently asked him why he does go on extensive vacations with his family members and friends, and they all end up talking about it for a year straight, yet he never wants to go anywhere with her for an extended amount of time.

He finally told her the truth; he knows she doesn’t have a good time on their lavish vacations, so that’s why he stopped inviting her to go on them.

marcink3333 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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