Her Best Friend Jokingly Stared At Her Chest At A Family Celebration, And Her Husband Slapped Her Across The Face In Front of Everyone

minastefanovic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 26-year-old girl has a husband who is 28, and they were recently at a family celebration with her best friend named Amy.

During the celebration, Amy jokingly stared at her chest, and she was teasing her back about this. She and Amy then laughed over their little inside joke, but her husband flipped out in front of everyone.

“We both laughed but my husband slapped her without warning and said “Her [chest is] only for me to look at,” she explained.

“She left the room and when I asked my husband what…he thinking, he said, “Sorry, I’m a bit territorial.”

“His parents saw everything and said that he had a right to “defend his territory.” When I followed Amy and found her crying, she asked me “What if he does that to you someday?” She had an angry red mark on her face from where he had slapped her.”

So, it’s worth mentioning that she gave birth a couple of months ago, and her chest size has really increased like crazy.

Many people have been paying her a lot of attention because of this new feature, and her husband has been outrageously jealous over it.

Since all this, she and Amy have found humor in the situation, but that all ended after what her husband did at the celebration.

Amy’s face is now bruised, and she’s been crying over what her husband did to Amy, while Amy has been pleading with her to leave him.

minastefanovic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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