Her Husband Changed His Mind A Month After Getting Married About Some Major Things They Had Already Agreed On, And Now He Just Wants To Quit His Job To Sail Around The World Alone With His Dog

ID 107890051 - © Klevers - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 29-year-old girl and her 31-year-old husband dated for a year and a half prior to tying the knot.

She genuinely believed that they were perfect for one another. It’s not that she thinks that she’s perfect or that her husband’s perfect; it’s just that they make an excellent team, and they were on the same page about everything.

Their goals were the same, and so were their interests. They had a similar sense of humor, were great at communicating, and felt that they brought out the best versions of one another.

“One night before getting married, we put all our goals on paper, we both agreed to them together and started to save up for them,” she explained.

“These goals included having kids and starting a family, traveling to different places, getting a boat since he’s really passionate about sailing and I want to support him and like it too, getting a nice house by the water, etc.”

“So up until about a month after getting married, we were both talking about family planning and when the best time to get pregnant would be. He even suggested we start trying next month.”

A whole month did go by since that conversation, and her husband accidentally revealed to her that he actually does not want to have children anymore.

Initially, he said he changed his mind due to money, and he didn’t think they could make enough to have children, but she was able to disprove that as his real reason.

Not only does he make good money, but she does too, and there’s no reason they cannot afford to have children with their salaries.

ID 107890051 – © Klevers – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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