Her Mom Makes Close To 7 Figures, And Her Dad Is Rich Too, But Both Her Parents Are Refusing To Pay For Her To Take Her Sick Dog To The Vet

ID 125354382 - © Otsphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual chihuahua

During a heated argument with her parents, a 16-year-old girl begged her parents to help her sick dog.

She and her chihuahua essentially grew up together. The 15-year-old dog has been her best friend since she started crawling as a baby, and she feels that the dog’s current health problems require veterinary care.

Not only is he in need of a routine checkup, but he also has had discolored teeth for several years. She believes that her parents are unfairly neglecting her dog.

“They would take all of our other pets (brother’s pets plus parents’ two dogs) to the vet every six months and pay thousands on whatever surgeries and medications they needed,” she explained.

For years, she tried to reason with her parents and convince them to make a vet appointment for her dog, but they ignored her requests. She said that her dog hadn’t been to the vet since he was neutered.

Sadly, her dog’s health problems, which he has suffered with on and off for several years already, have worsened over the past year. She listed his issues, which include a fast heartbeat and struggles with breathing.

She described his breathing as “shallow” and “labored.” Also, he coughs and chokes while he lays down, even when he’s not running around or exerting himself physically. She said that when he lies with her, and his heavy breathing rocks her body, she can’t help but cry.

Despite her pleas to her parents, their only response was that this is what happens when a pet is old and that there’s no need to spend money when he only has another year or two left. They also said he’s “just a dog.”

While she said she wishes she could take her dog to the vet herself, she doesn’t have the money saved up. Even though she starts a new job in August, she is afraid that by then, it will be too late to save her dog. She continued that even if she was told during a vet appointment that she’d have to put her dog down, she would feel better knowing that at least she did all that she could.

ID 125354382 – © Otsphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual chihuahua

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