Here’s How You Can Use Candles In Your Home To Give Your Space Better Feng Shui - - illustrative purposes only

According to the ancient Chinese principles of feng shui, using candles in your home can uplift the energy in your space by activating what’s called the fire element.

In feng shui, fire represents passion and creativity and purifies the energy in your rooms. So, it’s ideal to incorporate into your home when you’re feeling dull and uninspired.

A fireplace can also introduce the fire element into your home, but it may bring an energy that’s too harsh or intense. In addition, fireplaces do not offer the flexibility that candles do.

Candles can be placed in any area you desire, while a fireplace is a fixed structure and might not be located in the best spot for inviting optimal energy.

Aside from placement, colors, numbers, and scents also matter when it comes to the flow of chi. For instance, burning a red candle in the southern portion of your home is said to stimulate wealth, luck, and abundance. Additionally, it will boost your social life and give you more fame and recognition for your accomplishments.

Green candles in the eastern sector are related to family and new beginnings. Blue and black candles placed in the northern sector will increase your knowledge. And burning yellow and brown candles will keep you in good health.

Numbers have a lot of deeper meanings in feng shui. It is recommended not to use more than nine candles as that would be inauspicious.

Furthermore, you should always avoid grouping four candles together. In Chinese culture, four is an unlucky number because it sounds like the Chinese word for death.

Burning two candles is an expression of love. Three is for ushering in happiness, wealth, and a long life. Five is supposed to cleanse you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, while six candles represent good luck. Seven symbolizes good health, and eight is for growth and fertility. – – illustrative purposes only

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