She Canceled On Going To Her Best Friend’s Birthday Party Last Minute And Also Brought Up Her Inability To Have Children While Doing So

When she broke the news to Ashley that she could not make it, her friend’s disappointment was palpable. Given that Ashley once tackled a thousand-mile journey with a broken arm to celebrate her own birthday, her frustration was understandable.

“She asked what was wrong, and I told her that I was extremely exhausted and there was no way I can be at her party,” she explained.

“I literally heard her sigh angrily and she said “But what about our promise? I broke my arm while racing and still traveled a 1000 miles for your birthday, but you can’t drive 20 miles to see me? If [you] can reach the grocery store, then you would come here if you actually cared.”

However, when Ashley implied she should make the short 20-mile drive regardless, her momma-bear instinct kicked in.

She defensively retorted, “Well if you had kids then you would understand,” and Ashley promptly hung up. Here’s where it gets tricky. Ashley, due to an unfortunate incident back in college, can’t have kids. So, the words that flew out in the heat of the moment stung more than intended.

The following day, she woke up feeling more like herself and attempted to apologize. She was met with the cold silence of unanswered calls and ignored texts.

“My husband said that I shouldn’t apologize because if she was a real friend she would have shown concern and worry instead of anger and the attitude of a brat so she deserved my comeback, but I feel so guilty for bringing up her inability to have kids and I feel [terrible] for doing so,” she concluded.

Her husband felt Ashley was out of line, but she couldn’t shake off the guilt for poking at a sensitive subject. It’s a tough predicament for her, don’t you think?

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