She Expects Her Sister To Pay For A Babysitter When She Doesn’t Want To Watch Her Kids Since Her Sister Did Previously Agree To Watch Them In Exchange For Living In Her House

oscargutierrezfotos - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old girl has a sister who is 8 years younger than she is, and she is currently allowing her sister to live in her house while she attends college.

In exchange for this arrangement, her sister pays her $500 every month. This money goes towards her sister’s room, the power and water she uses, and the food she eats.

She believes their agreement is more than fair, and her sister also does help out with her kids and completes chores around the house too.

She and her sister not only agreed on this; they also wrote it all out in a type of contract so there were no blurred lines.

“My understanding is that room and board at her school is $1,200 a month for shared accommodation,” she explained.

“And it is only available during the eight months of school. So living here is $6,000 a year as opposed to $9,600 for eight months and then four months living with our mom and stepdad.”

This has all been going on for 2 years without an issue. Her sister has always been a great student and a wonderful person, but now she has a boyfriend, and things are changing.

Her sister has begun complaining about having to watch the kids every other Saturday evening so she and her husband can go out on a date.

She let her sister know that she could find a babysitter to take over for her on Saturday nights, but she expected her sister to pay for the babysitter since she was the one who was supposed to be babysitting, not someone else.

oscargutierrezfotos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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