She Slept With Her Ex’s Cousin, But Now That There’s A Shot At Reconciling With Her Ex, She Isn’t Sure She Should Let Him In On This Secret - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old girl dated her 31-year-old ex, named Sam, for 5 years. She says their relationship was excellent, and they basically never fought.

She and Sam discussed what their future would look like together, and she really envisioned marrying him and spending the remainder of her life by his side.

In the final year of their relationship, Sam’s mom got very sick, and that caused their relationship to fall apart.

Sam was constantly at his mom’s house caring for her, and he only would come back to his place one or two evenings a week.

As this was all going on, she sadly lost her best friend in a car accident, which caused her to spiral into a deep depression.

“Those were the cruelest months of my life,” she explained. “We no longer had a support system in each other, and after a few more months of loneliness in the relationship, we decided to break up since we had both mentally and emotionally checked out.”

“It was still heartbreaking, we cried together one last time, and I decided to move to another city in order to try to start fresh. That was four years ago.”

Then, 2 years ago, she needed to go to a different city for work, and it just so happens that Sam’s 31-year-old cousin named Danny lives there.

She and Danny never spent that much time together when she was dating Sam, but they did get along quite well. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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