A Guy Started Acted Strange In A Store, And Then He Got In His Car And Began Following Her Home That Night

SObeR 9426 - illustrative purposes only

A couple of nights ago, at around 10 p.m., this woman and her friend stopped by a liquor store.

When she pulled into the parking lot, she noticed a black truck parked in the spot to the left of her car, and a man was sitting in it. Her friend waited in the car while she went inside the store.

At first, everything was normal as she shopped, but that quickly changed.

Suddenly, she felt as if she was being watched, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man who’d been in the black truck moments before. He was standing at one of the refrigerators in the store, not holding any items, and staring at her.

“I’m used to this kind of behavior, honestly. It takes a lot to bother me, so I shrugged it off and walked toward him to get to the register and briefly made eye contact with him, and then the look in his eyes changed immediately, and he lunged toward me. I stopped. Fast. I looked up in disbelief at him. He made some quick, awkward apology and laughed. I just kind of shake my head and begin to start walking when he does it again,” she explained.

As she was holding the bottle of alcohol she was going to buy, she felt like she needed to possibly be ready to defend herself with it. She glared at him as if to say, “‘Are you serious right now?'”

After that, she made her way to the register, and the man followed her. Another person was ahead of her in line, and the man was right behind her, not respecting her personal space.

“I’m actually anxious at this point. I can almost feel him breathing on me, and I regret my choice of clothing. The dress I have on doesn’t cover much. I haven’t worried about my clothing choice in a decade. But this guy’s making me uncomfortable. I should’ve left the store then,” she said.

She purchased her alcohol and left the store. Once back in her car, she told her friend about what had happened and told him that she wanted to leave immediately. Evidently, the man had followed her out of the store close behind, because when she turned on her car, she saw that he was already back in his car too, and he was still watching her.

SObeR 9426 – illustrative purposes only

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