She Went On A Horrible Date With A Guy Who Basically Accused Her of Going On Lots of Dates Just For Free Meals And Activities

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Many men complain about having to pay for their dates, and this isn’t a good look, especially when they’re grumbling about it while on an actual date.

TikToker Dani (@dani.coco1) went on a horrible date with a guy who basically accused her of going on lots of dates just for free meals and activities.

Dani is someone who goes on a lot of dates, and she very rarely leaves a date thinking it was bad. She might not have felt a connection with the person or want to go on a second date, but she usually never has that terrible of an experience to label it as “bad.”

However, this was unmistakably a bad date. So it was her second date with this guy. On their first date, they had a fun time with each other. However, it was a quick, short date, so their second date would be longer.

On their second date, they started talking about their dating history. She offered her perspective on dating, stating that people often tend to rush the dating process and that it’s okay to go on a bunch of dates to get to know someone before you decide how interested you are.

He told her it was typical for her to think that way since she was a girl and didn’t have to pay for dates. Dani pointed out that if she went on seven dates with a guy, she wouldn’t make him pay for all seven.

She also added that dates don’t have to cost money. A date could just be a simple walk on the beach to watch the sunset.

He ignored her comment and went on to accuse her of needing a guy to spend a thousand dollars on her to consider them to be dating. She ended up changing the subject because it made her uncomfortable.

As the date wrapped up, she left thinking he was a total jerk and didn’t plan to see him again. The next day, he texted her, telling her that he would love to “catch a sunset” sometime during the week. So now, not only did Dani think he was rude, but he was an idea stealer, too.

LStockStudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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