Battling End-Of-Summer Boredom? Try Making Bubble Solution At Home To Keep Your Kids Excited And Engaged

konradbak - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Bubbles never lose their charm, no matter how old you are. The colorful, floating spheres have the magic to turn any ordinary day around– especially if you’re dealing with a cranky toddler.

With the summer winding down, you might also feel like you’re running out of ideas to keep your kids occupied.

Well, instead of going to the park for the thousandth time or spending more money on toys from Target, why don’t you turn to bubbles? Not only are they endlessly engaging, but you can even make your own bubble solution at home and turn it into a fun, kid-friendly activity.

How To Make Bubble Solution At Home

Thankfully, the ingredient list for this well-loved childhood staple couldn’t be any easier.

All you need is water, any brand of liquid dish soap, and some corn syrup or glycerin– which is the secret for making those bubbles last longer.

First, start by measuring out your ingredients. You will need one cup of water, two tablespoons of dish soap, and one tablespoon of corn syrup or glycerin.

Next, gently stir the ingredients together in a bowl. Avoid whipping it up into a frothy mess; we want bubbles outside the bowl, not in it!

Afterward, you can let the solution rest for a few hours. This isn’t exactly mandatory, but it can enhance the bubble magic later on.

konradbak – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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