He Took His Young Daughter To Paris For Her Birthday And Sweetly Convinced Her That She Turned On The Eiffel Tower Lights

Radoslaw Maciejewski - illustrative purposes only

If you’ve been to Paris or are a fan of French culture, you may know that once it turns dusk in Paris, the Eiffel Tower begins to sparkle with bright lights for five minutes every hour on the hour until just before midnight.

It’s something tourists flock to see each year, and as someone who’s had the privilege of seeing those lights in person, it truly is magical.

One awesome dad from the UK recently brought his little girl to Paris and had a brilliant idea that would make her trip.

Joel Redhead (@redheadresidence), a 29-year-old dad from England, recently took his daughter Esmae to Paris on a father-daughter trip for her eighth birthday.

He originally told her they’d be traveling to Liverpool, England, but ended up surprising her with an unforgettable trip to ‘the city of light.’ How special is that?

While on their trip, Esmae had asked who was in charge of turning on the lights that make the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Little did she know, he had an amazing surprise planned for her pertaining to exactly that.

While it’s really sensors that go off and make the Eiffel Tower light up, Esmae didn’t need to know that.

Instead, Joel had packed a light switch with him for their trip. One day, he handed it to Esme outside the Eiffel Tower and told her she’d be responsible for making it light up later that evening.

Joel documented this surprise on TikTok, and viewers can see Esmae scream excitedly while running around in circles.

Radoslaw Maciejewski – illustrative purposes only

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