Just Got Your Hair Freshly Dyed? Follow The 48-Hour Rule To Preserve Your New Color - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Picture this: you just got a nice shampoo that came with a scalp massage, your dead ends finally got trimmed, and your outgrown roots are gone for good (well, at least for the next six to eight weeks).

Regardless, you are soaking up that fresh-from-the-salon feeling and enjoying your brand-new hair when the million-dollar question finally hits you: When can you take a shower without ruining your fresh dye?

Lucky for you, the 48-hour rule exists for this very reason.

The 48-Hour Rule

You’ve probably heard it from your stylist, and you’ve definitely seen it on the internet. That’s because this guideline is the generally accepted rule of thumb: you should wait at least 48 hours before washing your freshly-colored hair.

Why? It’s all about giving your brand-new color enough time to settle in. Washing your locks too soon may rinse away the color before it has a chance to really bond with your hair.

Now, hair type does matter. Do you have fine hair, thick hair, or bouncing curls? Your hair type and texture can play a big part in how long you should wait.

Fine hair, for instance, tends to hold onto color more quickly; meanwhile, thick and curly hair might require a little extra time to soak in the dye shade.

By knowing your hair type and having a quick chat with your stylist, you can get a tailored answer that specifically fits you. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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