She Made Her 5-Year-Old Son’s Dreams Come True By Throwing Him A Titanic Themed Birthday Party

New Africa - illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

When you let young kids make decisions about things like Halloween costumes and birthday party themes, chances are they are going to give you some pretty creative and perhaps out-of-the-ordinary ideas.

The question is, are you going to say no to an idea that others may judge, or are you going to do your best to allow your child’s uniqueness to shine through?

This mother and TikTok user (@thescallywagfam) shares how she made her 5-year-old son’s dreams come true by throwing him a Titanic themed birthday party.

In the slideshow, the mother shared photos that showcased all of the effort and elements that went into making this unique party a reality. For example, rather than a traditional fruit tray, they displayed a watermelon shaped like a boat, tipped on its side, with various fruits spilling out of it.

There was also a handmade pinata shaped like the Titanic and a cake with a photo of the ship across the top. The birthday boy even decided to dress up as Captain Edward Smith, who was the man who went down with the Titanic, and proudly stood for photos in his costume.

Her son wanted all of his guests to receive educational gift bags at his party, so they found some informational cards about different Titanic passengers and glued them on the outside of the bags.

They were separated into two groups; the blue bags represented passengers who had survived the tragedy, and the red bags indicated passengers who passed away. Surspises inside the bags included clever things like lifesaver candies and iceberg slime.

Although some people may view this party theme as odd or disrespectful, many commenters agree that while the child’s choice may be interesting, it was a unique party that his mom should be proud of throwing.

“If I die in a historical accident and I’m not featured in someone’s birthday party theme, I will riot,” one commenter said.

New Africa – illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

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