Her Boyfriend Called Her Selfish For Buying Peanut Butter Cake To Eat At Work, As He Claims To Be Allergic To It

fahrwasser - illustrative purposes only

This 22-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is 24, and her boyfriend has always said to her that he has a peanut allergy.

She has no clue why her boyfriend has stuck to this story because his mom promises that he is not allergic to peanuts.

Despite the confusion around the issue, she never wanted to put him at any kind of risk for an allergic reaction, so she just believed him.

Yesterday, before she had to make it to work, she decided to stop at a local bakery and purchase some peanut butter cake to enjoy when she was finished with lunch.

Well, her boyfriend then surprised her at her job when it was time for her break, and he said he thought it would be nice for them to grab lunch together.

She said yes to this, and so off they went to lunch. When they finished eating, her boyfriend spotted the bag from the bakery that she had brought with her.

He wanted to know if he could share whatever she had bought from the bakery, and she mentioned it was peanut butter cake, so she was concerned about him having an allergic reaction.

“That’s when he got mad at me for buying this even though he’s allergic to it, he said I wasn’t being respectful,” she explained.

“I told him that I bought it because we weren’t supposed to see each other until tonight, 6 pm, so I’d had time to brush my teeth and stuff and that I wasn’t planning on eating it in front of him.”

fahrwasser – illustrative purposes only

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