Sick of Living In Chaos? Turn Your Pantry From Messy To Meticulous With These Organization Tips

Step 2: Categorize And Sort

Now, you can see what you’re really working with. It’s like a “before” photo in a makeover show, but instead of frizzy hair and outdated outfits, you’ve got pasta, canned goods, and maybe a forgotten stash of Girl Scout cookies.

Start sorting items by type– canned goods with canned goods, baking ingredients with baking ingredients, and so on. This isn’t just about being neat; it’s about making life easier.

Ever been in the middle of cooking and can’t find the paprika? Sorting helps avoid those culinary speed bumps.

Step 3: Clean And Grab Some Containers

Once your pantry is bare, you will have the perfect opportunity to give it a good wipe-down. Dust off the shelves, vacuum up any crumbs and scrub off any stickiness.

You can also invest in some clear containers for things like flour, sugar, or cereal before reloading your pantry.

Remember, bins, baskets, and clear containers aren’t just for your Pinterest board. They can really be your pantry’s best friend.

They keep similar items together and prevent small items from getting lost. Plus, clear containers let you see what’s inside at a glance and when it’s time to stock up again.

Step 4: Label Everything

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, whip out a label maker or grab some sticky notes and a pen. Label the bins, the shelves, and even the containers.

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