He Refused To Share His Location With His Girlfriend, And Now She’s Accusing Him of Acting Suspicious And Weird

Eightshot Images - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy has been dating his girlfriend for three years. And in the past, they never even discussed the idea of sharing their locations with each other.

After all, he basically always knows where his girlfriend is, and vice versa, since they text each other often.

That’s why he was pretty caught off guard last night when his girlfriend claimed to think that they needed to start sharing their locations anyway.

“But it’s not something I really want to do,” he admitted.

So, he tried asking his girlfriend why she felt that way, but she didn’t really give him a clear answer. All she said was that they just “should.”

He pointed out how, if she wanted to know where he was, she could always just message him. On top of that, he and his girlfriend always knew each other’s plans for the day, so where they were was never a big question or secret.

Still, his girlfriend couldn’t understand why he wasn’t open to the idea.

“And I just said it feels weird to know someone can just see exactly where I am at all times,” he recalled.

Not to mention, he and his girlfriend had previously agreed how, on Snapchat, it was weird that other friends could view their locations. In fact, they both turned off the feature on the app since they just didn’t see the need for it.

Eightshot Images – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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