She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Ordered Five Main Courses For Her But Then Only Paid For What He Got For Himself

onderortel - illustrative purposes only

Two years ago, TikToker Cam (@cameronelise1) matched with a guy on a dating app who claimed he was five feet and eleven inches, the same height as Cam herself.

He had gotten a reservation at a restaurant and asked for her address so he could pick her up for their date.

However, she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of him knowing where she lived, especially since she had never met him before.

He suggested that she drive over to his place instead so they could go to the restaurant together, to which she agreed. When she arrived at his place, she texted him, saying that she was there.

As she was waiting in her car, she spotted a really short guy walking toward her. At first, she didn’t think he was her date because they were supposed to be the same height, and this guy wasn’t tall at all.

But as he came closer, she saw that it was his face. So, she got out of her car and stood up to her full height. His head reached just below her shoulder.

Thinking that they would be taking his car, she started to shut her door. However, he stopped her from closing it all the way and hopped into the driver’s seat. Cam reluctantly got into the passenger side.

Then, he had to raise the seat, push it forward, and lower the steering wheel in order to be able to drive her car.

On the way to the restaurant, he admitted that he didn’t know if he really liked her and needed to get a sense of her music taste to make up his mind.

onderortel – illustrative purposes only

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