Her Husband Loves To Go Camping With Their $100,000 Camper, But When She Told Him She Doesn’t Like This Idea of Vacation, He Called Her Ungrateful

Larry D Crain - illustrative purposes only

This woman and her husband don’t agree on what a fantastic vacation looks like.

“He likes to go ‘camping.’ We take the camper to different lake destinations every other weekend, and he calls this a vacation. But it’s not a vacation for me,” she said.

In order to prepare for these weekend excursions, she has a lot of work to do. She is the one who packs up their camper, buys all the groceries they’ll need, makes sure they have all the camping supplies, and any other last-minute packing required.

During the camping trips, she is the one who cooks each meal they eat, cleans up afterward, does their laundry, keeps the camper clean, and puts the drinks in the cooler before she and her husband go out on the boat.

“I basically work the entire time. It is like being at home, except we are on a lake, and we get to go on the boat, swim, and have water time (which I love). He says I’m ungrateful because we have this $100,000 camper to ‘travel’ and enjoy our ‘time off,'” she explained.

While she does the vast majority of the labor involved in these trips, her husband doesn’t pull his weight as equally in her view. Basically, the only things he does is load all of their supplies onto and off their boat and drive the camper.

On their camping trips, her husband sleeps late each morning, and she struggles to sleep enough, which happens to her at home as well.

They also have opposite views of things they want to do during a trip. He’s not interested in taking hikes or checking out the local sights because he complains about how hot it is. So, when they’re not out on the boat, her husband usually watches TV in the camper, which he always does at home, too.

When the temperatures drop a bit, her husband makes a fire for them to sit by, and they drink and just sit on their phones the whole time.

Larry D Crain – illustrative purposes only

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