Her Husband Told Her She Should Stay Home From A Work Trip Since Her Primary Concern Should Be Caring For Their Daughter And Home

“He mentioned here and there how it was unfair he had to do these when clearly I could do it all.”

The other day, her boss asked her to go on a week-long work trip, and she really wanted to go.

“When I told [my] hubby this, he was incredibly mad at me, saying I shouldn’t commit to trips like these since I have duties at home,” she added.

“I reminded him [that] whenever he went on work trips, I managed it all by myself. He said it’s not the same since I am a woman.”

She became very upset by what Ed said and told him it was his duty as a partner and parent to help out while she was away. She put her foot down and eventually told him she’d definitely be going on the trip.

Then, Ed called both his and her parents, who have all unfortunately taken his side and have been telling her she’d be a bad and abandoning mom and wife for going away.

Is she doing anything wrong, or does she deserve a getaway?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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