Here Are Some Signs That You Need To Seriously Raise Your Standards In Your Relationship

Look! - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The following column is the opinion and analysis of the writer, Abby Connolly.

Sometimes, when we’ve fallen deep into a relationship that isn’t as healthy as we thought, it can be really hard to come to our senses.

Many people have stayed in relationships that fail to serve them because they slowly lowered their standards over time and got to the point where they can’t see for themselves how toxic the relationship is.

Whether you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere or want to keep yourself in check as you start to fall for someone, here are some signs that you need to raise your relationship standards.

You’re beginning to miss being single.

This is one of the biggest red flags in a relationship, as it means you’re starting to feel emotionally disconnected from your partner. This is most likely because you’re not getting what you want or need out of your relationship anymore, and it’s a big indicator that you need to start seeking out people who care about where you want to be in life.

You cater to their needs more than they cater to yours.

Look back on the last few months of your relationship and try to identify the last time your partner did something meaningful for you. Then, think about all the times you helped them out. If your partner isn’t reciprocating all of the things you’re willing to do for them, your standards should be raised. You deserve to be with someone who prioritizes you as much as you prioritize them.

You’ve been feeling frustrated with them.

Look! – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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