Here’s How You Can Make Your Bedroom Feel Every Bit As Luxurious As A Five-Star Hotel

When combined with natural elements, such as wood accents, the room will be soft and inviting rather than stark and sterile, as rooms with a neutral base can sometimes feel.

Go All-Out With Bedding And Bath Products

The best part of a bedroom is the big, comfy bed. The bed is what will make or break the feeling of luxury in your room. So, it’s definitely worth it to splurge on linens and give your bed a makeover!

Start with a new set of freshly laundered sheets that is in line with the neutral color palette. High-quality cotton sheets will offer lots of comfort and are the mark of true luxury. To further transform your sleeping environment, mist your sheets with a refreshing linen spray containing drops of rose or lavender essential oils.

For the bathroom, go with towels that are made with 100 percent cotton. They are more absorbent and will stay plush and fluffy for a long time. Buy a nice scented candle with citrus or floral aromas that you can light when taking a soak in the tub.

Add Personal Touches

Pull everything together with some personal touches to make your space more cozy. Artwork is always a key feature in hotel rooms, so of course, it’s a must-have for your own bedroom. A unique, abstract piece provides a pop of color. Leaving out a collection of magazines can exhibit your personal tastes as well.

Little luxuries will also take your space to the next level. A bouquet of fresh flowers instantly makes a bedroom feel fancy, as does an empty glass with a water carafe on the bedside table.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be living in the lap of luxury in no time!

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