Here’s How You Can Convert An Overwhelming Open Floor Plan Into A Welcoming Space

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If you grew up in a traditional suburban home where each room, including the living room, kitchen, and dining room, had its own separate space, moving into a place with an open floor plan can be alarming.

This happened to me when I moved from my suburban childhood home to a big city, where my kitchen was basically in my living room, and I had to create a dining area out of nothing.

Converting an open floor plan into a cozy, warm, and welcoming space is no easy task. But fear not; there are a few strategies that can help you conquer this challenge.

Make sure there’s enough seating

If you’re passionate about making your living room area cozy and perfect for entertaining, you’ll want to ensure you have enough seating to accommodate guests. No one wants to sit on the floor near your kitchen or other random pieces of furniture while everyone else gets to sit on the couch.

Additionally, seating like cute chairs or loveseats can be turned and positioned to create boundaries for your living area and make it feel separated from other sections of your open floor plan.

Take advantage of rugs

Rugs are an excellent natural divider for open spaces. They clearly indicate warmer, cozier spaces for hanging out and resting.

So, if a designated living room area is important to you, help it stand out from the dining and cooking area by placing a nice rug near your couch or under your coffee table.

bmak – – illustrative purposes only

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