His Wife Blew Up At Hime For Not Supporting Her Obsession With Taylor Swift

Dragana Gordic - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Like many other women around the world, this man’s wife adores Taylor Swift.

However, he feels like his wife supports her favorite musician a little bit too enthusiastically.

Over the past year, Taylor Swift’s music is all that his wife listens to. While his wife works out or does household chores, her music is constantly playing over and over.

Not long ago, his wife spent $2,000 to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, and she spent about $200 at the concert on merchandise.

Also, his wife recorded the entire concert on her phone, and now she watches the video on their TV repeatedly for hours on end. Apparently, that doesn’t satisfy her Taylor Swift fix enough because she also watches other people’s TikTok livestreams from concerts they’ve attended. Plus, his wife is planning to see the concert movie that will be coming out soon.

“I mean, it has been nonstop Taylor Swift in our house for a long time now. She continually refers to the live concert as ‘the best experience of my life.’ She says Taylor Swift is a ‘lifestyle.’ I personally don’t really get it. I have never been obsessed with anything to that point,” he said.

While he’s a huge soccer fan and admires Lionel Messi and would be thrilled to go see him play, he would never want to spend $900 for a soccer game. In his eyes, that’s way too much money. He has other hobbies and passions as well, and he doesn’t obsess over them with his wife as she does to him about Taylor Swift.

“I have for sure made comments to my wife implying that this whole Taylor Swift thing is getting out of hand,” he explained.

Even though he wasn’t too happy that she was willing to spend so much money on just one concert ticket, since they were financially comfortable enough for her to purchase the ticket, he was comfortable with her going. He was glad that she had the opportunity to attend the concert and enjoy herself.

Dragana Gordic – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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