She Went To Go See The New Barbie Movie With Her Mom, And It Made Her Cry As She Realized Her Mom Will Never Love Her

hamara - illustrative purposes only

This woman, who is in her 30s, recently moved back home.

Throughout her time being around her mother again, she has acknowledged that she and her mother have, unfortunately, never had a healthy relationship and often argue with each other.

Sadly, she doesn’t feel like she’s the daughter her mother had hoped her to become. She has suffered from mental illness and is a higher weight, and her mother hasn’t shown her empathy or emotional support.

“Last December, during an argument, she told me that my mental illness that I truly work hard to control (10 plus years in consistent and intense therapy) triggers her childhood trauma because her mom has the same disorders,” she said.

Unfortunately, her mother has constantly compared her to her grandmother over the years. But recently, these comparisons have been more difficult to cope with. She doesn’t think her mother recalls that she even said these hurtful things.

A couple of days ago, she and her mother watched the Barbie movie together. As she watched actress America Ferrara’s character and the child actress playing her daughter, she realized that their relationship throughout the film was something she had always yearned for.

“I wish I had a mom who cared, who loved me, and who knew that I was just a kid who didn’t realize how much she does,” she explained.

While watching the movie, she wanted her mother to be moved by the mother-daughter relationship and finally start to show her the love she has always missed growing up.

Before seeing the movie, she’d heard other women express these feelings as daughters when they saw the Barbie movie.

hamara – illustrative purposes only

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