These Are Some of The Best And Worst Cities For Single Parents To Be Living In

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Being a single parent is one of the hardest roles a person can take on. If you’re raising a kid on your own, you want to make sure you’re living in an area that’s safe, affordable, and comfortable.

In 2023, with rising housing costs and prices on everything from food to clothing going up, being a single parent is especially difficult. That’s why people need to know the best places to raise their kids.

It can be hard to know which cities to look at and which to avoid as a single parent trying to relocate. Thankfully, a study by NewHomesMate recently outlined which cities in the United States are the best and worst to live in as a single parent.

NewHomesMate took into consideration each city’s average income, house prices, where it ranks in terms of education, and how much it costs to raise a child there.

The results of the study may surprise you.

The city with the best numbers for a single parent turned out to be Atlanta, Georgia.

Although Atlanta is considered to be a major city, it has solid rates when it comes to affordable housing. On average, houses in Atlanta cost around $430,000, but you can typically find cheaper homes right on the city’s outskirts.

In Atlanta, the cost of raising a child is significantly lower than in other cities listed by NewHomesMate, and 57% of its population consists of single people, meaning there’s likely a supportive community of single parents.

Another top city for single parents is Washington, D.C., which has a high educational ranking. Baltimore, Maryland, is considered another great city for single parents to look at due to the low cost of raising a child and solid educational opportunities.

digitalskillet1 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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